Steve Cutler
CEO & Co-Founder
Steve’s gaming career began, many moons ago, with an Atari 2600 and a BBC Model B. Pong, Breakout, Asteroids and Defender sparked a competitive spirit and interest in digital games than has not waned since.

Coming from a family of passionate bridge, poker, backgammon and chess players helped shape his career choice and he’s enjoyed it ever since. The former COO of GameDesire and Head of Poker at Unibet, Steve has 15+ years’ experience in real money and social gaming.

As CEO , his role is to ensure the execution of Kalamba’s short and long term strategies and goals. A key goal is building valuable partnerships, both internally and externally, and by bringing together all facets of the business, shape a company culture we can all be proud of.
Alex Cohen
COO & Co-Founder
Alex's passion for slots and gaming began in the early 2000's because it was the most fun thing to do with a math degree and after all this time it still is!

Before founding Kalamba, Alex was Chief Product Officer at Tangelo Games (previously Akamon Entertainment), Head of Game Design at Quickspin, and a senior game designer on premium slot games at IGT.

Alex is driven to create long-legged games that deliver lasting entertainment to players, and many of his games are still popular after many years! Alex's impetus to start Kalamba and make the market's best slots, came from serving the market from the perspective of both a game designer and a B2C product executive.

As COO, Alex's mission is to oversee the creation and delivery of the highest quality content and to ensure Kalamba meets the highest expectations set by the casino operators.
Giles Lucas
As a schoolboy, Giles' passion for software was born from many late nights of coding and developing games on the Sinclair ZX81. Long gone are the days of backup to audio cassette & programs under 1k! Following the exponential growth of software since the mid 80s, Giles' career has evolved from techie to geek in a suit - founding a software development consultancy firm in France, an online media start-up in the Nordics and heading business development activities across Europe, MEA, APAC and the Americas for several international software firms. As CCO, and in close cooperation with the founders, his mission is to define & execute strategy for extended game distribution and optimize the retention and expansion of existing channel partners. When not in the office, Giles can be found under (scuba) or over (yachting) the coastal waters of the Maltese islands.
Michał Ochman
Coming from an Online Betting background, Michał is a tech guru and leader who likes nothing more than trying to solve a code challenge and will not back down from a good “tech scrap”.

Prior to joining Kalamba, Michał was the development lead on many projects with Grand Parade, a London based Digital Creative Agency (now part of William Hill) overseeing the production of award winning websites, value tools and visualisations. He's also the partner and co-founder of Tango Agency.

A keen sportsman and biker, Michal loves a good adventure and, when not in the office, can be located in various exotic locations around the world being the Polish version of Indiana Jones.

His goal at Kalamba is to lead and deliver the technical strategy for Kalamba, oversee production and development of games, as well as manage and mentor the development teams. He also plans to come back from his adventures in one piece.
Wojciech Szkutnik
Senior Strategy Advisor
Wojtek is a well respected and known serial entrepreneur from Krakow who founded the Tango agency Kalamba is partnered with. He has extensive experience with gambling companies, having worked on several successful initiatives with major brands over the last few years.

A creative soul with a big heart, as well as having a solid operations instinct, has resulted in co-founding and being the COO of Talixo. He was, recently, a key driver in securing a substantial 7 figure funding round.

Wojtek’s goal with Kalamba is to help secure top local talent, drive marketing and business development initiatives, as well as acting in the capacity of an advisor for securing potential future funding.
Joanna Formella
Commercial & Marketing Manager
Adam Rasiński
Senior Developer
Adam is an accomplished front end developer who also has extensive experience within the gambling industry. Another product of Grand Parade, means Adam comes with many gambling projects under his belt.

Also a keen biker, he is happiest on his Trans Alp finding the most daring routes to any destination around Europe. Having completed many adventures, his dream is to ride around South America, take in the sights and, above all, to pet a Llama without being spat at.

Adam’s goal is to drive the delivery of the front end development of the games and, with Michal, to take the Kalamba team on a bike tour of the far east and Russia.
Karol Kozicki
Konrad Nykiel
Art director
Konrad is the highly creative art lead who comes with many years experience in all facets of the design industry. He has worked on a whole variety of projects over the years and this has led him to having a solid and holistic understanding of any requirement.

Konrad is a rare breed. Highly skilled at concept art, production graphics and animation, he has the nous to bring any idea and concept into reality and all with a cool, calm and pragmatic demeanour. This may come from his profound love of craft beers and natural ability to find fun in anything he does..

His goal is to ensure the delivery of the finest quality graphics for Kalamba, the smooth management of the designers and artists, as well as finding the finest watering holes wherever the team is.
Gosia Banasik
Game artist